Progress update January 2010

Not much has been done so far as I am pretty swamped with courseworks. However, more progress shall be made after the submission of the final coursework which is due soon.

A little update of what has gone on so far in regards to the Honours Project:

  • Got a basic framework up and running. Just trying to tidy up the code a bit so I can “plug-in” the GI algorithms in the future.
  • Have decided on a more focussed approach to project implementation. I am now reading up John Snyder and Derek Nowrouzezahrai’s work on Fast Global Illumination on Dynamic Height Fields and also Fast Soft Self-Shadowing on Dynamic Height Fields. Very interesting read and very good candidate for implementation. Main aim is to get his technique working in my demo framework at the moment.
  • Thinking of some extras such as simple vegatation and water caustics for the demo. I am not sure at this stage if it will be procedural vegetation. Both of them will have GI implemented. I am looking into several methods but at the moment focussing on Instant radiosity
  • I plan to also implement a real time directional light source (sun light) which the user can manipulate.

The topic I have chosen seems to be very involved and requires a lot of techical reading. Next plan is to draft a Gantt chart so I can stick to a more focussed schedule. I will consult my Technical supervisor soon and will update the post as needed.

Here’s a glimpse of Derek and John’s work : cool video


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