RQ Workshop

Below are the answers provided to the RQ Workshop worksheet (Worksheet 4)

1) What is the name of this module, how many credits?
CS1004 – Honours Project Planning & Reporting

2) Your technical supervisor, how many times have you met?
Only met him once but the first meeting was very production, it gave me a lot of new ideas for the research question.

3) How frequently do you update your blog?
Once a day, sometimes one every 2-3 days depending on how much progress I made. I would update my Project Diary more often than the blog as it’s informal and I could jot down rough ideas.

4) Have you included both you worksheets in your blog?
Yes, I have.

5) Have you made sure readers can leave comments and you can annotate the blog entry based on these feedbacks?
Yes, I have.

6) Have you subscribed to any game related forum and posted your RQ research ideas and got feedback?
I have posted on the GameDev forums asking for people’s comments but so far it doesn’t have any replies yet.

7) Have you looked for additional feedback other than the ones I’ve prescribed?
Not at the moment.

8) What backup procedure have you implemented?
I have used a program called Blogger Backup Utility to backup the blog in XML format so I can restore it if the blog is accidently delete. I have also saved the whole page as html so that I will still have the pictures on the blog.

9) How long do you spend for your Honours project activities?
To be honest I haven’t been really spending enough time during the first few weeks of the project. I have now scheduled my activities better so I am spending an average of 2 hours a day (excluding weekends) on the project.

10) What is your RQ?
What are the techniques involved in real time lighting effects for procedurally generated terrain? However the research question might be slightly tweaked later on for the final proposal submission.

11) Why is it important?
It will help me understand more about lighting in graphics programming.

12) How will you answer it?
First step is a lot of reading. I must source all the related books and papers to understand more and finally focus on the final method of approach.

13) So what will be your measure of success?
I will be happy if I can implement a demo that shows a photorealistic rendition of a procedurally generated terrain.

14) What will be the significance of what you have done?
I hope that this will give me an opportunity to enrich my CV and to help me seek employment that hopefully will specialize in the field of graphics programming.


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