Bezier Curves

I’ve created a demo framework to demonstrate the Bézier curve in 3D space. The demo graphically plots a Bézier curve with control points which the user can manipulate by selecting and moving them around thus changing the appearance and shape of the curve. I’ve also included an animated object with simple physics. The demo is written using OpenGL API, some WinAPI and C++ language.

The following are the features of the demo:

  • Sky Box – A simple skybox encapsulates the world to give a better sense of direction and motion when in 1st person camera mode.
  • Terrain – A simple terrain is also added to further enchance the appearance of the demo
  • Lighting – There are three directional light source which the user can move around.
  • 3D Model – 3D model with specular lighting.
  • Physics – Simple physics implemented for the movement of the model along the curve. This can be turned on and off.
  • Menu system – Simple Windows console menu system that consists of instructions and also several options available for the demo.

The Bézier curve is drawn using the de Casteljau algorithm as well as using parametric calculation.

Below is a video of the application in action. I would suggest downloading the executables and running them to get a better view 😉

[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/05/b1.wmv bezierdemo]

You can grab the code here
You can grab the executables here *Note : unzip the DATA folder in the same folder as the EXE


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