It’s a bug’s life…

I’ve toyed around with Milkshape3D and created a simple animated model of a dragonfly. It is intended that this dragonfly have a rather cartoon-ish appearance. The model is divided into several moving sub sections. These sub sections are later then used for animation. Sections in my dragonfly model include the head, main body (which also acts as the whole backbone), tail, legs and wings.

Instead of just making simple flying animation, I have decided to give this model a little more life and personality. The animation has 100 frames used in total. It shows the bug scratching its head, bounces up and down a little while twisting its body and finally tries to take off.

Below is a screenshot taken from inside Milkshape3D (click to enlarge):

Here’s the embedded video, enjoy! (Windows Media Player browser plugin required)


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