OpenGL and Homer Simpson

What else could be more brilliant than a mix of OpenGL goodness and Homer Simpson! The demo is fully written in OpenGL (and a bit of WinAPI) in the C++ language.

It features our fully animated hero, Homer Simpson weilding a gun. The environment features a 3D world with heightmapped terrain enclosed in a skybox. Features of the demo includes:

1) Homer Simpson MD3 animation model – static, jumping and walking animations

2) Static MS3D cow models

3) MS3D windmill model, edited and also rotated (animated) real time using OpenGL function, glRotate

4) Particle system (billboard) simulating fire

5) A semi- transparent, multicolour pyramid generated solely on basic OpenGL routines

6) Simple shadows

Some screenshots below but running the EXE itself would be very much better 😉

As you the source and executables can be downloaded :here (Source) and here (exe)


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